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Let me know! Is it 1, 2, 3 or another way?


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Does your “to-do” list never end?

This year I am working on reclaiming my energy + protecting my peace.

Let me introduce you to the ”stop doing” list & how it works-

  1. Identify energy drainers (social media, overcommitting, neglecting self-care, etc.)

  2. Write them down

  3. Visualize how to remove them

  4. Commit to change

It's all about giving yourself permission to let go of what's holding you back.
Tell me what would be on your “stop doing” list👇

#energy #focus #purpose #commitment


- Share a laundry hack or cleaning hack.  

- Add pics with text or videos with you talking.


🎥 IG/FB Reel Idea


Create a reel by sharing your before and afters from BioCell or use the premade one we sent in Shout or download it from the page.

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Copy In Reel

Tell me you use a collagen supplement, without telling me you use a collagen supplement…

Reel Post Copy

I will go first…

I won’t miss a day of this collagen goodness💛

Drop your favorite benefit from using collagen!

#collagen #aginggracefully #skingoals #hairgoals

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