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Business texting is a great way to contact, manage, and sell to customers.


Communicate with your customers through a business number instead of personal number

Business text messaging is a two-way conversation between a business and its customers using SMS texting through a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) service.


Send Broadcast Messages

Send one broadcast message to all your customers or send specific messages to different lists of customers based on different criteria.



Use automations to tag customers and send automatic replies. Use a drip campaign to automatically send messages daily or determined by a specific time frame.

Shout As Our CRM

- Manage customers and team members in once place with unlimited contacts
- Easy to use group chats with permissions, link sharing, and scheduling messages with unlimited members
- Always free 1-1 chatting even through text
- Tagging and lists for easy classification of customers
- Custom fields in contacts to add shopping credits, referral codes, and other customer details

BUSINESS TEXTING- Broadcast messaging to send messages to a list or tag at once. Makes sending a promo message a breeze- Target marketing with ability to exclude tags and lists to target the intended customer- Custom Shout links to mask other links being sent- 2 cents a credit with credits able to rollover so you never lose your unused credits- Free 1 to 1 texting
- Conversation bots - automate onboarding and gathering information and tag customers for future target marketing
- Drip campaigns - send content on a schedule
- Recurring Events - automate messages based on a recurring schedule
- Share content with folders and keep things organized
- Create landing pages for products and promos and send the link to customers
- Use Shout's API to make automations easier

Getting A Business Number

We recommend getting the Basic Shout Plan which gives you a local customer service number.

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